July 2019

Marinated olives 6

Fried almonds 6

Hand cut fries with roasted garlic aioli  and house ketchup 6

Plymouth champagne oysters on the half shell or grilled with lemon and butter  3 each

Sterling American white sturgeon caviar served with bilini and  accoutrements (30g)   65

Boquerones with butter and toast   9

Werp green salad with lemon juice, olive oil, parmesan 12

Whipped burrata with speck americano, asparagus, urfa 13

Smoked white fish dip with green garlic, paddlefish caviar, bottarga 13

White Asparagus with anchovy dressing, sunflower seed gremolata 10

4 cheese pierogis with morels, black garlic, and ramps 18

Spring risotto with smoked mushroom, English pea, egg yolk,
parmigiana Reggiano 18

Alaskan Halibut with spring onions, fave beans, fumet and tobiko 19

Dry aged Slagel Farms burger, bacon aioli, red onion, cheddar, with Werp greens and house pickles   15

Slagel grilled ribeye with charred rapini, ramps and uni

Selection of any 6 cheese or charcuterie   36
A la carte with preserves, pickles and bread   7

All 6 cheeses   36   ~   All charcuterie  36

Charcuterie    7 each

Stagberry (Elk) SG ~ dark and fruity, peppercorns, mead
Wild Boar Salami ~ fatty, robust, spiced with juniper and clove
Gin and Juice (lamb) SG ~ juniper and orange, deep and sweet
Spicy Borsellino (pork) SG ~ lightly smoked, balanced spiced, espelette
Iberico Paleta (pork) ~ SG front leg and shoulder, clean and rich
Chicken liver mousse (chx) RSB ~ silken goodness

Cheese     7 each

Julianna (goat) IN ~ natural rind rubbed with herbes de provence
Oklahoma Toma (raw cow) OK ~ juniper and orange, deep and sweet
Fiore Sardo (sheep) ITA ~ pecorino, rich, biting and salty
Hintan Settler (raw sheep) VT ~ milky, clean, Stilton style, lactic tang
Taleggio (raw cow) ITA ~ rosy rind, mild and creamy paste
Harbison (cow) VT ~ rich and gooey, lemon cream pie

Chocolate pot de creme, wild berry jam, allspice cream 8

Chefs Nicholas J. Labno & Edwin Perez